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I’ve been too busy for this lately and now I can finally breathe so here’s an update:

Pittsburgh was wonderful and exactly what I needed. I have a wonderful family that loves me endlessly and friendships to match. Last night me and some cool cats grabbed beer and headed up to the parkway. It was great. This morning was great too but details are a no. And only 19 days until Germany. Life is good right now.


After pulling two mostly all-nighters in a row, my roommate just had to shake me from a dead sleep because my alarm, which was right beside my face, had been going off for about ten minutes.
Today, I am dead to the world.

#can't wait to graduate #school man #app state #asu

Anonymous said: Because I honestly... well, I don't think you'd be/are interested at all. You feel unapproachable. The door may be open somewhat but the threshold is high, I am afraid that taking a step means tripping over my words to fall flat on my face in the way countless others surely have and reduced to a number, a footnote in a journal if I were lucky. Ultimately, likely a story forgotten. One book that's been returned in a whole library equally desiring your eyes but hoping you won't break its spine.

Oh, I don’t even really know what to say to that. It sounds like I know you in person though? And “countless others” may be reaching a bit..

I don’t think I’m capable of hurting people’s feelings like at all. So you should just come off anon! Regardless, thanks for noticing me. That’s always nice.